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Chief Cornerstone Promotional Products is a Michigan promotional products company that provides custom “swag” items for businesses, hospitals, non-profits, sports teams, schools, and other organizations that want to brand their logos or corporate identities on a variety of products. We pride ourselves on integrity, quality customer service, and affordable pricing. All you have to do is to tell us which custom promotional items you’re interested in and send us your preferred logo and artwork, and we’ll get to work to land the promotional items and price point you want. If you’re a new business and don’t have a logo yet, no problem – we have a team of designers who can help get you started. Then you can have it ready to giveaway for your potential clients and customers in no time. Submit a short quote request now or give us a call to get started today!


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If you’re interested in custom promotional products for your business, Michigan’s best promotional products company has just what you need! Pencils, pens, shirts, hats, cards, and more! 

Michigan Custom Promotional Products

Our Michigan custom promotional products are the best way to promote your business. It is also a cost-effective marketing strategy for your business so that you can get more clients to come to you. This is a great business tactic to make sure that your business will be known to the public.

Custom promo products, or “swag”, play an important role to advertise your Michigan business effectively. Since these quality products can bring more clients to your business, it’s better to go for it. Usually, custom promotional items can be given away. Since people can use it several times on a daily basis, then they can see your logo all the time.

Some studies show that more than 80% of consumers prefer promotional products. If you want to get more people into your business, then it’s better to find an affordable promotional product. You can reach more people that way and you can gain customers for your business.

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Stand out with custom promo items for your real estate or property management company

Affordable “swag” options to excite parents, students, and teachers!

Fun ways to encourage employee morale and show your appreciation 

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If you’re interested in custom promotional products for your business, Michigan’s best promotional products company has just what you need! Contact us for special pricing!

3 Reasons Promotional Items are Important for Your Business

Brand Recognition

By offering these custom Michigan promotional products, your brand gains instant recognition. If you give away promotional items as a gift, then that item will stay with your future customer’s homes or cars for several months. This means they will always see your business logo and consider visiting your business if they need to buy something.

Getting more people to recognize your company is the best way to gain more customers. The best marketing strategy is still by word of mouth. People usually talk about new discoveries. So if your company logo is on a promotional item you just giveaway, chances are they will tell their friends about it. More people will get curious about your business and check out what you have to offer.

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More Exposure

The best thing about promo products is you can get more business exposure. It’s a good form of advertising and marketing – especially if you are just starting up. You can give away promotional items upon opening your business. That way, those visitors can be your potential customers in the near future.

Getting more business exposure is best for both startups and existing businesses. Since sometimes, a business can get slow. By giving away promotional items as gifts to your existing customers, you are making your business get more exposure. People like to get free items. So better give it to them so you can also gain more.

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The “Business Card” that people actually use

A custom promotional item can serve as your business card. Since we give away less traditional business cards to consumers, it’s best to give them your promotional items. They will surely remember your business since they can see your logo all the time.

Giving out promotional items for your Michigan-based business can even be better. Since you give them a practical promotional item, they will use it more often. It means that they can repeatedly see your business logo. It will help them to be reminded of your business. Especially if the gift you gave them is a quality promotional item. It will make them want to repay you for such a wonderful gift by shopping.

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