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Providing quality Detroit promotional products is a job that we take very seriously. Branding should be important to you just as it’s important to a giant corporation. One of the goals of any company is to generate brand awareness. A perfect example of this would be McDonald’s and their Happy Meals. By offering a toy from a popular franchise in each meal, not only does McDonald’s benefit by selling their products, but the toy benefits its parent company by promoting the franchise. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go out and partner with McDonald’s to distribute promotional products, but you should remember that any company can benefit from a promotional product. Be it small bars, start-up tech companies, or even small stores selling essential oils. Regardless of the product or service your Detroit company provides, you can find a way to promote your business through a promotional product – and we want to help! Give us a call today at 313-367-0076, to discuss your branding vision. Or complete the short online request and we’ll get started right away!


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Benefits of Custom Promo Items

While there are plenty of benefits, there are three major benefits our custom Detroit promotional products provide:

People Will Remember Your Brand

Statistically, it takes five to seven impressions before someone remembers a brand. In turn, 89% of consumers will remain loyal to a brand they know. A promotional item is a great and affordable way to make sure people remember your brand. This is because it’s an item they can repeatedly look at, and is something that is useful to them –  such as a pen or a shirt. The constant exposure will lead the person to be more eager to return to your company.

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It Generates Word-Of-Mouth

Custom promo products generate considerable word-of-mouth for your company. This is especially true with clothing items like shirts and jewelry. A common tactic is to provide free shirts or bracelets and let people point others to you because you’re offering a free item. While this might not generate foot traffic to your business at first, it will generate word-of-mouth for people to come find you and your product.

Our custom promo items are affordable

Having your own custom promotional products isn’t as expensive as you might have previously thought. Of course this varies by item, as t-shirts with your logos are going to be more expensive than just pencils with your logo. However, it’s still much more affordable than attempting to create a television commercial or a newspaper ad. A simple pencil can go quite far in ensuring that you have return customers. Here’s a good time to remind you – call us at 313-367-0076. Our Detroit promotional products company is committed to offering competitive pricing. Have a quote for a product that you like? Let us take a look and see if we can match it! 

It's time for people to remember your name!

If you’re interested in custom promotional products for your business, Michigan’s best promotional products company has just what you need! Pencils, pens, shirts, hats, cards, and more! 

Using Swag Items

There are plenty of other benefits that promotional products can offer your business. Above all else, promotional products contribute to your brand awareness which in turns helps bring traffic to your business. This is why hospitals, charities, church groups, schools, sports teams, non-profits, and a host of others all use promotional products. They want their brand to be well-known. So how do you go about distributing your promotional products? There are a number of ways, such as contacting other groups and companies to sponsor events, mailing your promotional product, or having events at your business where these products are given away as prizes or freebies. You simply can’t go wrong with promotional products. They’re an affordable way to advertise your business and you can go about it in a manner that makes you and your company attractive to potential consumers.

Get your Detroit promotional items now

If you’re interested in our Detroit promotional products for your business or organization, we have just what you need! Pencils, pens, shirts, hats, cards, and more! We can put your brand on anything you’d like. We offer both affordable and quality products – none of those extremely cheap promotional items you might be used to getting. If you are for whatever reason unsatisfied with your products, let us know. We care about our customers and our great customer supportive staff will help you with whatever problem you might have. If you want custom promotional items for a sports team, charity, place of worship, non-profits, or other non-business groups and events –  never fear, as we offer our great products to anyone who needs them. Now that you know how important promotional products are, contact us today and see how we can get you started in promoting your business!

Give us a call today or submit an online inquiry to get special pricing. 313-367-0076